Lets ignite the physical and cultivate the conceptual. Join me on March 22, 9:30-11am at Dance Exchange in Takoma Park, MD for a contemporary practice of roving through contemporary practices involving technical rigor, artistic clarity, rhythmic acuity, improvisational research, and somatic awareness. We will start on the floor (centering, warming, welcoming), press through the space (traveling, spiraling, harnessing momentum) and culminate with phrases that push performance and perseverance. We will invest in the fullness of our bodies, test our relationship with gravity, play with the edges of musicality, and cultivate detail within instinct. Together, we seek to bolden our individual voices while honing ensemble awareness.


A class for experienced movers facilitated by a rotating panel of DX artists, local choreographers, and visiting artists committed to sharing movement-based research through their teaching. No pre-registration required; drop-in anytime.

$15 drop-in/$12 with a class card
*$100 class card if you are a Dance Pass member and show your card when purchasing

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