I’ve just launched a campaign to raise funds for the development, production and performance of three dances on two continents!

I dance, and make dances, because it is the most natural meeting of the two things I care about most – movement and people. The dances I make, and the people I make them with, are rooted in the pure, visceral joy that is the product of conceptually, artistically, and physically rigorous processes. Hard work is fun, when it’s the right work, with the right people. I use my full name as an artist not just because it sounds cool, but because it keeps me tethered to the people who taught me to care about people (my parents), and the joy that comes from the working and moving.
Consider supporting the movement and the people through a tax-deductible donation. All funds will cover artist fees, production, and touring costs. 
We have been supported in our projects in many ways, through residencies, fellowships, grants, and presentation. However, the production and touring costs fall to me. We need your help to fund the local ground transportation, international airfare, and artists fees for all three works.
Help us bring our work into, and across, the world through a tax-deductible donation at any amount.