My mission is to activate body—perceptual organ, empathetic instrument, and research hub—as intermediary between worlds and selves, allowing for connection, education, creation, and innovation. 

I cozy into the reality of collaboration and delight in the distinctness of people to develop ideas for, with, and among people. We arrive in spaces with our unique skills, histories, and complex social schemas. It is within this milieu that I find the most engaging work – where the playground of ideas is ripe with positive intentions and complicated personhood. Togetherness through our distinctness yields breadth in creative research, intricacies within collaboration, possibilities within innovation, and when thoughtfully navigated, richly nurtured bounty. 

I approach choreography as the organization of constellations of relations. With each new project, I invest in the intersections found between ideas, people, experiences and objects. Connection, distillation, and organization yield the emergence of constellations in the studio and laboratory, at the work table and writing desk, on stage, online, outdoors, and so on. I practice choreography through dynamic processes that respond to the task(s) at hand within the given situation(s), including leadership, collaboration, creation, experimentation, fabrication, education and articulation.

Within all facets and sectors of my practice, I push towards the fantasy of newness, questioning its possibility, basking in its immateriality, and reveling in its potential for revealing the subjective truths of our realities. This approach hinges on audacious experimentation in body, concept, process, praxis, and performance. I work in a state of courageous choice making and rigorous research through multiple modalities resulting creative output that is in conversation with our sociocultural environment. Rather than be a reflector of our cultural climate, I work to be a critical, curious, and compassionate contributor.