65 minute duet

Direction and Choreography by BJP

Lighting Design by Evan Anderson

Scenic Design by Elsa Gibson Braden

Sound Design by Gavin Price

Costume Design by Stephanie Bahniuk

Text generated by the artists, with excerpts used with permission from the writings of Becky Dyer.

Performance and Movement Collaboration by
Sergio Guerra Abril and Dylan Lambert

And Now, or Hold Me is an evening length duet investigating how the spaces we move through inform our performance of our identities. In process since January 2019, this unflinchingly tender and unyielding powerful work teases apart the relationship between self and space, then weaves together the living in, and holding of fleshy bodies and social spheres.

And Now, or Hold Me is the final project in my relational duet trilogy, including Vinegar Spirit (2018) and my Tired hearts kick darkness and bleed light. (2016). “Tired hearts…” deals with the relationship with other – specifically through the lens of durational relationships (siblings, romantic partners, etc.) where Vinegar Spirit spirals through the relationship with self through the lens of gendered comportment. As the final duet, And Now, or Hold Me focuses on space, and uses space as a mechanism to point towards our relationship with self and other, encapsulating four years of research through a boundary pushing and boundary breaking process of hold space.


Technical Residency
Invited Showing January 10
Email olivia@brittajoypeterson.com to RSVP
Yale School of Drama


Excerpt – “Dylan”
SAT September 14, 9PM
Art All Night
American University Museum at Katzen Arts Center

Excerpt – “Hold Me”
August 12-16
Sibu International Dance Festival

Excerpt – “Dylan”
SAT July 21 at 6PM
LDST:  PopUp Works
VisArts Rooftop

Excerpt – “Dylan”
SAT June 8 at 8PM
SMUSH Moves Vol 7
SMUSH Gallery

Work In Process Showing of Full Piece
Wed May 8 at 8PM
Baryshnikov Arts Center – Rudolf Nureyev Stdio (4A)

Work In Process Showing of Full Piece
FRI May 3 at 8PM
Dance Exchange


Photos by Lauren Jessica Brown