Reframing as method to conjure reluctant optimism.

In the end, we are at the beginning.

The best way to tend the peopled garden to do nothing.

Are we falling, or is the earth rushing up?

Earth Rushes Up is a contemporary solo performance branching out of bjp’s newest research vein titled External Organ. Within these processes we are grappling with organs, organisms, and organization through the lens of sustainability and climate change. As the first performative germination of this body of work, Earth Rushes Up utilizes reframing as a method to conjure reluctant optimism in the face of the climate crisis.

Premiered November 2019, American University Museum at Katzen Arts Center
Run time: 15 minutes

Choreography, Direction, and Design by Britta Joy Peterson
Performance and Movement Collaboration by Kourtney Clements
Lighting Design by Jason Arnold
Practical Lighting Design and Support by Evan Anderson
Prop Construction by Yaro Yarashevich
Costume Construction by Stacey Hamilton
Sounds used through Creative Commons and source from FreeSound authors klankbleed and Bebnboncab, and SoundSnap authors aKLsound, The Shouldholder, and Tone Glow
Special Thanks to Erin Sullivan, Greg Anderson, and John Stahrr



Images by Kira Cusik and Allie Duke