“External Organ” is a cumulative creative research body yielding methodologies, workshops and performances grappling with organs, organisms, and organization through the lens of sustainability and the climate crisis. The project engages matters from philosophy, biology, sustainability, literature, poetry, and visual art while activating body as method. Flesh is approached as the conduit between the world, our experience of the world, and our organization within and throughout our worlds. Therefore, the body is necessary when processing sustainability and climate change in order to instigate action. Questions are posed and embodied by performers, workshop participants, and audiences: how do we see ourselves inside of extinction as well as part of growth? How can we do away with human as savior versus participant in destruction and healing? How do we muster reluctant optimism in effort to reframe demise? 

Like a functioning ecosystem, the performative iterations within “External Organ” exist independently but inherently inform one another. Current folds within the compounding research include performances – “Earth Rushes Up” (2019) and “Seed” (2020), as well as methodologies such as True Tones and Memory Welling. Upcoming folds include three short-form performances, two workshops, six creative residencies, two technical residencies, and an evening length performance premiere at Dance Place in spring 2022.


Untitled design (1)Movement Collaborators and Performers:

Carolyn Hoehner
Amanda Blythe
Malik Burnett
Zoe Wampler
Vyette Tiya
Dylan Lambert
Annie Peterson
Gabriel Mata⁠
Emily Ames


Header photo by Zachary Handler.

Video by Bria Granville.