Sentient is an interdisciplinary project problematizing mind and consciousness. Drawing on collective practices in choreography, lighting, responsive media, and critical theory, our process takes the form of workshops, installations, and performances.

Sentient, Lanterns, the first system of the project has been presented in various iterations through Middle Circle in San Fransisco and ASU’s Synthesis Center in Tempe, AZ.  In summer 2017, +++ presented Sentient, Lanterns at the following:

The Arts in Society Research Network
Paris, France
Paper Presentation

European Society for Literature Arts and Sciences
Basel, Switzerland
Paper Presentation

Movement and Computing
London, England


+++  is an interdisciplinary team drawing on creative practice in performance, installation, and design. Spread across the US, Evan Anderson, Garrett Laroy Johnson and BJP engage in their individual practices, collaborating both in cyberspace and co-location. The team is currently in-process with Sentient, a project problematizing mind and consciousness through workshops, installations and performances. With artist Coel Rodriguez, the team performs Tired hearts…, an audience absorbing interrogation of intimacy. The team’s inaugural work, Visible Sketch, builds evocative imagery and evolutionary states around the poetic phenomenon of visibility, and was most recently seen at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theatre.